Civil Litigation

Confidently and relentlessly, Frank Driscoll represents his clients in personal or business lawsuits to achieve the best possible outcome on the client's behalf, from pleadings, discovery, proceeding, settlement or trial.  Frank Driscoll is knowledgable with the procedural law and has the legal research techniques, logical reasoning abilities and superior interpersonal skills that provided high quality legal representation regardless of the issue.


Estate Litigation, Will Contests, Probate, Trust and Fiduciary Disputes and Litigation

From preserving and protecting your assets with estates, wills and trust to specializing in the legal strategies of Estate Litigation, Will Contests, Probate and Trust Disputes, Frank Driscoll gives his clients peace of mind and a trust during respresentation.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

Assisting clients in setting up guardianships and conservatorships for the best interests of a minor or adult.  Frank Driscoll is not only experienced, but also attentive to all details throughout the process with the best interest of your loved one as his focus, as well as advising you against those who are looking to exploit those with diminished capacities.


Condominium and Homeowners' Association Disputes and Litigation

Frank Driscoll has the experience necessary to adepquately represent a homeowner or condominium assocation through any disupute they may face.  This is includes, but not limited to contract disputes, enforcement and regulations of covenants, arbitration, mediation and collection matters.

Personal Injury

Holding the negligent responsible for your injuries you suffered in an accident whether a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or animal attacks.  No matter what the scope of the injuries or the factors surrounding your accident, Frank Driscoll is prepared to represent in the legal matters and getting his client the compensation they deserve.



Whether it be simply opening a dialogue with a debtor on behalf of the client, or payment demands and disputes lead to lawsuits, Frank Driscoll's reputation for quality legal work and success in collection is a direct result of his abilities to effectively represent his clients in Collection and Enforcement of Judgment cases.

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