Estate, Wills & Trust Disputes & Litigation

Frank Driscoll has specialized experience in tactfully and diligently representing clients who are in the need of legal services relating to estate matters, and he understands how stressful and challenging this time can be for his clients, and he knows that he must carefully examine their issues and prepare a plan of action that efficiently and thoroughly addresses their concerns.

Frank Driscoll provides legal services for those individuals who are facing disputes as they relate to:

Will Contests

  • Lack of Capacity
  • Undue Influence
  • Failure to follow statutory requirements in execution of will

Petitions to Establish a Will

  • Petition to establish writings intended as wills
  • Petition to establish lost or destroyed will

Removal of Fiduciaries

Suits for Aid & Direction

Augmented Estate Elections

Family Allowances

Exempt Property Allowances

Homestead Allowances

Trusts & Fiduciary Litigation

  • Complaint for Accounting
  • Petition Remove Trustee
  • Breach of Trust
    • Failure to render accounts, furnish information, keep adequate records
    • Breach of Duty of Loyalty
    • Breach of Duty to Make Trust Property Productive
    • Waste

Virginia Uniform Power of Attorney litigation


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