Collections, Landlord Tenant

Whether simply opening a dialogue with debtors or tenants on behalf of the client, sending out a demand letter for payment of sums owed, or pursuing delinquent accounts which require recourse to the courts, Frank Driscoll's success in collecting delinquent accounts on behalf of his clients are a direct result of his persistence, diligence, sense of urgency, and sometimes patience.

In debt collection proceedings solvent debtors are more likely to put up a fight, while debtors who are insolvent often times let a creditor obtain a judgment without a fight.  Obtaining judgments against debtors on behalf of your clients is usually the easy part; the more difficult task is getting the judgment satisfied and getting your client paid.  Frank Driscoll has the skills and tools to obtain information on his clients’ debtors to improve the client’s chances in recovering sums owed.  The Law Office of Frank J. Driscoll, Jr. subscribes to several online services used by Federal and State agencies as well as lawyers, which enables him to locate debtors and perform asset searches, information which is otherwise difficult to obtain, and enhances the chances of recovering sums owed in post judgment collection procedures such as bank and wage garnishments.  Frank Driscoll is also astute in handling landlord tenant disputes.  The most common dilemma is a landlord who has a tenant who is failing to pay rent and refuses to vacate the property.  Often times this can cause a financial hardship on a landlord who depends on the rental payment to pay the mortgage.  Frank Driscoll is familiar with the process of removing a delinquent tenant and is skilled in doing so in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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